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Deep Road’s Action

Dragon Age 2 Battle with Mage in Foreground

After being sceptical first I really appreciate the art style of Dragon Age 2 in defiance of its flaws. To be honest, the sequel is the first and only Dragon Age I’ve completed. I’ve tried Origins several times but lost motivation repeatedly. In this screenshot there’s a lot of motion. Everyone’s moving and at least one […]

Last Season’s F1 2014

Some lighting and perspectives allow for quite realistic looks. However, this screenshot was altered. I used the same trick like Fallout motive. The image was resampled to a very low pixel size and resized. This allows for a dirty and rough look. A also desaturated the picture due to heavy coloring at the curbs in […]

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange and damn good

And gorgeous. Well… there is something sinister going on in Life Is Strange, the latest game of Remember Me’s creators DontNod. But the art design is just mind blowing and the motive of photography is omnipresent in this game. Max Caulfield as a photography student is our protagonist and the cutscenes –like this one– are […]

Jungle Fever

Far Cry 3 Vegetation and Architecture

Far Cry 3 offers a lot to action orientated playes. Not only does it get you from one action sequence to another, it offers also a beautiful but dangerous isle waiting to be explored. The graphics department did a great job whereas the game could run more smoothly performance-wise. On this picture we have a […]

Safety in Shields

RESOGUN™ Safety in shields

Blowing things up is so much fun. Even more if it looks so beautiful like RESOGUN. In fact the game looks so good you don’t even have to ponder what motive you want to show next. There’s alway something catching the eye. To download this screenshot in its original size (1920px x 1080px) click here.