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Monat: Dezember 2014

Wastelandscapes #01

Rage Wasteland Landscape

This one shows off pretty good the amazing shapes of Rage’s landscapes. While the sky looks beautiful with its sun shining through the clouds it delivers some sort of hope. This transmits a nice contrast to spare vegetation, the rusted car and bones in the foreground. The background with its rock formations looks like hand-drawn […]

A Game of Shadows

This screenshots is showing Nilin in the sewers with a very high FOV and distant camera. That magnifies the raindrops and makes it look like she’s beneath the hole that letting in the rain while she’s actually still a few steps in front of it, giving her that silhouette. Her memory plug gives a nice […]

Water Works

Tomb Raider 2013 Water Works in Starting Cavern

This scene takes place in the cavern at the beginning of the game and makes you learn the very basics of the game. It’s a great showcase for the tessellated ground beneath Lara, the particle FX and the way water, lighting and shadows are visualized. For this screenshot it wasn’t neccessary to manipulate the camera […]

Survivor #01

Tomb Raider 2013 Lara Startled

This picture is entirely focused on Lara and her facial expression. That’s one of many things I love about this game. The character development is somewhat fast but I can actually feel with her due to proper visuals in the animation department. The bow and arrows in the background emphasise on the survivor image drawn […]

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